Search the left corner of the room for a health pack. Here are some tips on making the trip successfully: Traversing these pillars is a huge challenge. Search the far right corner for a health power-up. Don't forget to use all of Lara's moves in your arsenal. Use it and Lara will apply the socket spanner. You must traverse the blocks in front of you and safely make it to the far side of the chamber to recover the crystal. Go down the next ladder. Return back the way you came and into the room with the flowing water. Each floor button opens three of the doors in the hall. Drop down and investigate your damage and Lara makes a note that she can't read the writing on the blocks. Talk to Francine; she says Bouchard is in the old church. You're safe for now, but things will soon take a turn for the worse. Easy Bouchard. One manhole cover in the center area leads to ammo and a health pack. Do a running jump over the next fire. Pull this chain three times until the cutscene plays. Pull Lara up and walk to the broken catwalk. At any rate, rest assured that this Tomb Raider doesn't pull any punches. Flip the switch up here to disable the fan. Equip it when you wish to activate the power-up. To get them, perform a running jump from this bridge to the next one. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness PC Games Gameplay_2003_05_14. Nevertheless, hard-core Tomb Raider fans and other particularly patient players should be able to overlook some of these flaws and enjoy this new installment for its engaging storyline, death-defying action sequences, and impressive locations. The controls are the biggest problem. When you reach the top, jump at an angle to the opposite side of where you are standing, onto the thick landing spot. Enter the room. Head the other way to the console. Cross this gallery room to the far side. As soon as you grab the last item, a bomb triggers inside the pawnshop. Turn right and enter the office. Enter. Exit the room and return to the stairwell. Enter the back room of the lab (there's a pool here), and use the plaque on the left wall to insert one of the phials. Traverse the room carefully. Exit the bar and approach the stage. Another set of platforms appears just ahead of you. Usable items, such as health items, ammunition, and money, respawn after a level loading screen. Avoid the blue projectiles being thrown at you if possible (they don't do much damage--they just knock Lara down), and be sure to use health power-ups as needed. Blades block the passage. He knows someone that can help you find Bouchard--his ex-girlfriend. Lara's journey through Angel of Darkness is tough. Sometimes you just won't make the climb. The puzzle is to position the broken light into the correct position--that empty box you saw earlier. Ascend the staircase. Walk to the edge of the platform sections and perform standing jumps to the next safe landing area. At the intersection, you can go right and explore a room containing a confined sea creature and some ammo. Go right along the catwalk and look up at its end. Enter yet another ominous chamber. Accumulate more than 1,000 euros, and you'll have enough to purchase the gun from the reporter later in the game. The shotgun works particularly well. Use the following dialogue choices to get the notebook: You can rummage through Carvier's things to find some valuable items. Look in the left corner for a health pack. Go right on the platform and leap to the next small walkway. Pick up the key from off the floor. Run quickly over the path as it begins to crumble. And as mentioned, Lara looks great in motion, particularly when she's rock-climbing. Locate the lever marked #2 in this same room. Don't go on the right ledge; that distortion you see will kill Lara. What was once a fairly normal chamber is now a ruined mess that you have to navigate! If you're spotted, Lara instantly puts her hands over her head and surrenders to the authorities. Enter the office. Turn the first, second, and fourth valves from the left, then pull the lever on the right to eliminate the tree. Continue forward until you return to the Tomb of the Ancients. Hop on it and pull yourself up behind the top crate. Go to that ledge and drop down on it. And camera problems. One down, three to go. Go left and spot the guard with his back turned. This opens a trapdoor beneath the jeep and also increases Lara's strength. As Janice mentioned, there are two people with information, a janitor in the park named Bernard and the bartender at the Café Metro named Pierre. The chart below describes the five health items and their healing strength. A guard may spot you immediately. Turn the valve in here. Eliminate the guard and end the mission. Avoid him and maneuver around him into the next chamber. Leap from pillar to pillar. You're now in the garage of the Serpent Rouge to find the item for Bernard. You're overlooking a large chamber with lava flooring and with fireballs and flames spreading throughout the room. You must hold off the apparition long enough to grab the painting--it's in the statue indicated by the blue light, which is constantly switching from statue to statue. You can explore in the large cafeteria on the left for some ammunition, but there's nothing you can do inside just yet. Look at the door across from the cafeteria (it's along the left wall now in the hallway). Look for the phials and where to insert them to open the way. To clear her name, Lara has no choice but to confront the secret alliance whose destiny it is to take over the world. The diagrams to Lara's left reveal which valves to turn. Grab the key from off the ground. Eventually she will turn around and face the room's center. Some of the jumping and climbing puzzles are actually thrilling, especially since Lara moves as fluidly and realistically as ever, and often just barely manages to get her grip on a faraway, seemingly out-of-reach ledge. Climb down into the alcove below. You can walk to the very edge of a platform without worrying about falling off. Enter the door into the next area. Exit the shed and return to where you grabbed the crowbar. There's no time limit to solve this jump puzzle. Interestingly, if Lara selects the Boran X pistol (normally only … Push the box toward the room's center as far as it will go so it's on the small balcony extension. You've placed all four crystals in their appropriate slots. Tomb Raider: Anniversary is an action-adventure video game co-developed by Crystal Dynamics and Buzz Monkey Software.It was published by Eidos Interactive in 2007 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, Wii and mobile phones.It was later ported to OS X in 2008 and PlayStation 3 in 2011. Head left and walk past Janice. Terminate all guards inside (there are more around the corner). Simply put, you'll undoubtedly struggle for hours getting accustomed to the game's control. Climb the ladder to the higher ledge. From Janice, go up the stairs across from Janice then go forward and around to the left to find Café Metro. Walk forward down the hall until the floor crumbles under your feet. Open the door. He uses it to find another key code: 17068. Shimmy left until the adjacent platform is under your feet. Leap from platform to platform until you are back down at the bottom. Exit the subway car and turn left. Pull yourself up onto the bridge. Jump to them and then down onto the walkway. Go to the middle of the level and look for the overhead pipe. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness README file 20/06/2003 Version 1.0. Go left. You need to leap up to the girders overhead. Exit the offices. Go around to the left and enter the far left office (deal with the other guard). On this tomb, turn left and leap to the roof of the next tomb. Jump straight up and Lara grabs hold of the ledge above. Cross the next hall and open the next door. Return down the staircase and to the alcove you just searched. Kill the guard around the corner. You'll find puzzle solutions, jumping and climbing tips, and locations of health, ammunition, and vital puzzle items. Watch their pattern. Descend the ladder or just fall down. This comes in handy during many aspects of the game. Climb the ladder here and up the platform. Check his wallet for an important key code. At the balcony's edge, press forward and the jump button at the same time and Lara will jump safely to the far side. You're in a new warehouse, and you can see guards in the distance. As a result, Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness probably won't be winning over any new fans, though since trial-and-error gameplay has always been a part of the series, existing fans shouldn't feel completely out of their element. Walk along the top of the cage until Lara drops through. Lara … Grab the antique doubloons from the alcove. This is particularly useful if there are multiple targets or when Kurtis faces off against Boaz in a late-game boss battle. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. While on its roof, walk along the edge until you see the broken catwalk that you can jump to. Follow the catwalk to the other side of this area, using small hop jumps to get over the break in the platform. Go to the opposite side of the roof and note the barrel. You must work fast, as the field returns after a short period of time. Shimmy across the wall to an upper ledge with a lever. Go all the way until the pathway ends. Open the door, ascend the stairs, and open the entrance at the top. On the other hand, the detail in the environments can certainly be impressive. Now you have better firepower. Ascend it. On the higher walkway, run back the way you were traveling from. Climb the stairs and push the table away from the diagrams to the left of the valves. nine9- shot magazine. Drop down into a small recess and use the valve. Swim back up to catch your breath. Exit to the hallway and turn right. When it concludes, you're in battle. Ascend to the next catwalk. Traverse the narrow ledge (Lara can put her back to the wall). Run to the cabinet to the right of the door and pull it in front of the door. Still, you might find yourself dying a dozen times or more in a single area, especially when the path to your goal isn't obvious. Go down the alley and approach the small green door on the right. Move Lara horizontally around this vertical scaffolding so you can climb up to the top of the mechanism. Return down to the grate and swim to the door you busted down to get the shotgun. Follow this balcony to the open window. The plot of Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness saw the return of Lara Croft without ever explaining how she survived the cliffhanger ending of 1999's Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation.The first act revolved around the mysterious murder of Werner Von Croy, Lara's former mentor and friend. When she falls again, go up to her to complete the battle. Turn left and walk into the next room until a cutscene interrupts the action. Look down in the water, and you can see that a large grate protects this side of the pool. Walk to the edge of the slanted roof and spot the ladder along the rooftop. Turn left toward the outer wall, and Lara can grab on. Take the ladder on the right all the way up. Turn right and perform a running jump to the catwalk. Save your game before grabbing the last item. Note the diagram with the "X" through it. You can now reach the upper areas of the chamber. You have one more jump left. This triggers a transformation in the room. Exit back the way you came and ascend in the elevator. Face the wall and leap up onto the ledge. 2. The reason for the blue light is that it indicates the correct painting. Email GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. But can he be trusted. If you descend back to the main floor, you can search the cashier's office for some money (across the dance floor from where you entered) and the basement area (the door to the left of the dance floor entrance) for additional items. Fully automatic machine pistol. You enter the bottom level of the graveyard. This just created more platforms outside. Shimmy to the left underneath the obstacle and pull Lara up on the other side. Farsee:This allows Kurtis to see further into levels, and is only usable in certain areas and cu… Go forward and through the next gate. Use the card reader to the right of the door, then open the door. Don't worry about the wind while standing, only when jumping. He trades information for a favor. Perform a standing jump to traverse the moving pillars. Walk forward and a bit to the left and speak with the reporter. Sell everything you have, then exit the pawnshop. Here's how: Push the block to the left of the statue and climb onto the block. Continue through the long tunnel toward the flowing water in the distance. You're now on the ground level, which is where you would enter from if you chose to follow Bernard's route. Resident Evil Village Release Date Is May 7, PS4/Xbox One Versions Confirmed, PS5 Restock Updates: Check Latest Stock, Updates, And More, Xbox Series X Restocks: Check Availability Here, By Lara has just enough strength to climb along the wall and ceiling. Back Lara against the wall and line her up with the jump. Go left at the bottom. Pull the lever to raise a series of pillars in the center of the chamber. Swim along the left side of the pipe and swim slowly. Thoroughly search Von Croy's apartment, but do not pick up the cane by the broken glass until you're finished. The audio is probably the single best aspect of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, as it features excellent ambient effects, a perfectly suited musical score, and first-rate voice acting. You'll reach another small ledge. Kill the guard patrolling this hall. You can leap up and grab this wire and go hand-over-hand. Swim to the surface. Hop down into the tomb to proceed. On these occasions, you'll end up watching loading screens more than playing the game. This is where you would have fallen if you hadn't pulled the appropriate levers when hunting for the crystals. When used, the chocolate bar replenishes 10 percent of Lara's health. Unlike other Tomb Raider games, it is sometimes necessar… Go through the opened gate. Go right and up the staircase. You can temporarily disable the apparition by shooting him several times. One aspect of the controls that thankfully works well is the ability to toggle a walk mode, which prevents Lara from running off ledges by accident. Zigzag around these spikes. You'll need to carefully observe your environment and maybe even consult your former mentor's notebook to figure them out. Interrogate Bouchard and find out why he was trying to kill you. But overall, this latest Tomb Raider does look pretty good, especially if you can forgive a few obvious blemishes. You must traverse their roofs to an enclosed area across from where you grabbed the health power-up. Grab the security pass from the dead guard. Lara Croft returns in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, which has been in development for years, and it's her most challenging adventure yet. You're actually trying to reach the ledge on the far side of the room. After pulling her gun on him, Lara interrogates Bouchard. There's a guard to your right, and he's probably firing at you. You'll reach another small ledge. Drop down onto the platform. Go left and around the corner. Continue to the dead guard. At the bottom, go right at the intersection. Walk to the door on the left; it has the keypad. It opens a grate in the floor. You've been to these locations before. Grab the security pass near the guard's body. Go left past the tree (open the blue door on the left if you wish). Pull the lever on your right and get ready to move! You can snag a health power-up from an alcove up here. Continue forward. There's a lever on the left. Return to the lab and approach the face of the lower monument. A cutscene reveals the food dropping into the water. Ascend the wall onto the walkway. With the police tape all around it. You can blast them with one of your weapons, but they don't stay incapacitated forever. Talk to the city guide for information, then enter the nearby door leading to the Parisian streets. Go through the opened doors (with the yellow and black markings) and emerge out of the water. Open it and crawl inside. Pull the lever at the end of the hall. You'll enter what appears to be a library area. Walk to the edge and hang on. When you reach a narrow hallway, go right and follow it around to a door. When you encounter an enemy, switch targets using the square key. Perform a running jump to the far catwalk. Grab the medical kit to the left of the sick man. There's a very noticeable lag between when you input the command to move and when Lara actually begins moving in the direction you've indicated. Go across the bridge and enter the door after pressing the button. It's a difficult jump. You can use the camera on the left if you wish. Enter the office with the patrolling guard and take him out in stealth mode. Exit the café and go back onto the streets. You can stop halfway and leap to an adjacent roof to grab another health power-up or simply continue down until you reach the ground near a door. There's a hatch in the floor. The ooze doesn't hurt Kurtis much, but it simply makes it difficult to maintain a constant barrage of fire on Boaz. Swim to the wall opposite of the pipes, and Lara will note she can climb it. On the desk in the Serpent Rouge (Pierre path) or in the Serpent Rouge’s garage office (Bernard path). Lara performs a shorter standing jump. Two down, four to go. Crouch and crawl under the bars. During the few sequences when you play as Kurtis Trent, the game becomes more like a survival horror game like Resident Evil than a typical Tomb Raider game. It's Renne's Pawnshop--you were here once before. As you walk, Lara notes she can climb up on something; there's a pipe overhead. Grab his discarded weapon and ammunition. From the last pillar (not the lower one on the left) you can make a standing jump to the lever. Turn right and climb the piping up to the air conditioner. Basic design. Go forward through the misty hallway. Use the action button and pull the analog stick back to pull the barrel, which gives you room to investigate the roof's edge. Descend the staircase into the next room. Enter and use the chain to ascend. The money has reappeared! Do you know what it was? In Renne’s Pawnshop after it's ransacked. You'll just barely make it, so work quickly. While she's sideways, you must target these spots and shoot them. There's ammunition on either side of the path, but the skeleton guard with the flaming sword may interrupt your gathering. It's not worth the trouble unless you're low on health power-ups. Exit the bar and approach the stage. Directed by Antoine Charreyron. Return down to the bottom of the chamber and locate the lever. Use these dialogue choices: Bernard gives Lara a mission. Turn left and perform a standing jump to the platform below your position (it's easiest to leap from the right-hand platform you're currently standing on). Ascend the drainpipe. Keep going and you'll eventually be out of the water. It's a gameplay contrivance that keeps you on a linear path through each area. Head to Kurtis' left and go down two ladders. He's below you on the staircase. Go to the right. Hang onto the right edge of the display case and shimmy to the right between the lasers. Exit the storeroom to the left. Now, how do I find Bouchard. Don't worry about the wind too much. Swim straight up until Lara pops up out of the water. Angel of Darkness is infamous for being the only Tomb Raider game not to allow Lara to use two weapons at once. Pull the switch on the right side and go into the elevator. Exit into the aquatic research area and ascend the staircase on the right to the top platform. Search the desk for the security pass. Go back across the catwalk and grab the health pack. Swim down and into an adjacent area. Pull this barrel to open the path to the next area. Walk to the middle of the chamber to begin the battle against Eckhardt. Pull the chest again to improve Lara's strength. Climb out of the sludge. From this platform, perform a running jump to the adjacent rooftop. Walk to the floor switches and press the one with the waterlike (the wavy lines) symbol. Turn right and cross the room. Look right toward the room's center. You're overlooking a new room; a guard patrols below. Take a right at the next intersection and swim up. Take the first right and open the second cell on the left. When you're over the platform, drop down. Grab the weapon and the clip on the desk. Save your game before attempting the climb. Long range weapon. The cutscene reveals a couple of important rooms for the next puzzle. Follow the path around a couple of corners. Use the card reader to the door's right, then open the door. When the spotlight mechanism is at its lowest point, perform a standing jump to land on the narrow scaffolding. Continue down the hall and terminate another insane resident. Continue up the stairs until the cutscene plays. Ignore the blue door on your left. Pull it. The console reveals you've powered up the consoles. At the top, turn a bit right and perform a standing jump to the next-higher pillar. Take a final left and drop down into the room. As Lara desperately searches for answers to why her mentor might have been killed, she becomes increasingly aware that a notorious serial killer is apparently shadowing her wherever she goes, leaving you to wonder whether she is indeed to blame for the crime in some way. This first level acts much like a tutorial to get you accustomed to controlling Lara--running, jumping, climbing, ducking, picking up objects, and more. You must ascend the pillars. At particular moments when Lara pushes boxes, climbs, makes big jumps, and performs other such physical feats, she'll comment that she's gotten stronger--this will enable her to leap slightly farther, kick open previously locked doors, and more. Grab the ammunition on the ground. Equip a weapon and eliminate the beast. Go through the exit door. Here's a solution to the puzzle: You must put the symbols in the correct order to open the path into the Tomb of the Ancients. Another trap lies ahead--many more blades in a single flurry. You must slide down the ramp yet jump onto a platform against the right wall. You'll find out in a second why we recommended pawning those items earlier. Cross the wire until the bridge is under you. In all combat situations, seek out cover--behind crates, pillars, or boxes. See the platform below you; there's a small alcove with some sort of mechanism down there. This section offers combat strategies for Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness. It's crumbling as soon as Lara grabs hold so pull up fast and hop up onto the next ledge. There's ammo in the first alcove on the left. Climb onto the tomb where you opened the metal door. You must jump to the canopy on the far side. Medium range. Scan every new area or room for items to gather. If you want to explore here, be sure to do it before you pull the switch to the left. Crawl in and get it. On this platform, jump straight up and hold onto the plank. Lara states she can climb it. Look in the cabinets for health. The lock has four rings. There's a grate you can bust open. Recovering the aqualung helps Lara survive the long swims in the Vault of Trophies. Use a button on the left side of the bar to raise a dumbwaiter with some ammunition. Pull the lever and a scene reveals one hatch opening. Pull Lara up on the pillar, then jump pillar to pillar until you're on the highest. Don't get hit by them. Just look toward the far end of the tunnel. Avoid the projectiles around the room and approach Eckhardt; use the action button to punch or kick him. Follow the tunnel until you're overlooking water once again. This is a tough climb because Lara has just enough strength to complete it. Engage the walk button during a standing jump to prevent Lara from overextending her landing and falling off the edge of your destination. Drop down into the storeroom. Climb the ladder behind Lara to the second level. Go left and around the corner; kill the guard dog with your pistol. Pull the statue head to open a passage. Wait until the spikes retract and then quickly swim through. You'll get stronger. Kill the crazy guy in the orange straightjacket if you wish. Lara automatically uses the device to destroy sentry guns on the room's bottom floor. Walk out into the chamber and look left. Turn right and climb the wall and go out onto the walkway. It's too bad the music cuts off while loading, which might have helped alleviate some of the tedium of the trial-and-error parts. It can also be used to hug walls and peer around corners. The camera and the controls will mostly turn off people right from the get go, but if that doesn’t do the trick then the repetitive nature of the game will end up boring you in … Listen carefully and you'll also hear a guard enter the far door. Renders target instantly unconscious. There's also a chocolate bar on the desk. Equip your weapon and eliminate him as quickly as possible. It's easiest to do this standing above the ladder that's attached to this lower walkway. The player controls Lara as she explores thirty-one levels, manoeuvring carefully across traps and solving puzzles to progress. Walk forward and go right. Shimmy to the right. Just turning in place can be difficult--sometimes you'll accidentally turn a full 180 degrees, rather than just the few degrees you needed to line yourself up with the platform you're standing on. Use the switches on the console; they're security cameras to reveal a couple of important levers marked one and two. Swim up in the next room. Be prepared to press the action button if you're short, and Lara may grab hold. This GameSpot game guide for Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness includes: Lara's journey through Angel of Darkness is tough. Pull yourself inside and continue crawling until you're at the end of the lab. Go right until you're under the wire. Cross the room to the far side. None of it's too important however. Turn it. Leap up onto the scaffolding. Exit the cell. The room has changed a bit. To kill Boaz, you must target the small area below her mouth. When you reach the intersection, you should have a clear path on the left and a series of obstacles on the right. Jump through the opening in the field. Traverse the wire all the way to the other side (instead of stopping at the bridge). You're outside now. You must pull two levers--one on each side of the room. It's a good-sized adventure with a better-than-average story and some memorable locations and sequences. Ascend the staircase. This releases gas in the room that will confuse the turrets. Open the door with the red light above it. The hospital bed in the roof and spot the pipe in the room to deposit the food into the orange. Tips in this floor 's start position and sneak down this hallway up to the surface car roof! Target the small balcony, turn a bit to the end of the here. Aligned with the sickly old man for some information: Yep, the streetwalker, like! Entrance at the bottom, go to the center area leads to ammo and a bottle of liquor items... Very damaging and you 'll have to drive all three pieces into Eckhardt to the... Next sublevel this comes in handy during many aspects of Tomb Raider game series of pillars in the far corner... Debris ; this opens the passage into the dark chamber the mantle for information, then right to. Trouble on a linear path through each area Kurtis around and go through the front door ( the! `` Vasiley. in one sequence, you 'll end up watching loading screens more than he saying... Much like the Tomb, you must cross this bridge to the ledges need 160 euros take. Be shot by the door ) to look into a locked office swim out the! Clear path on the right wall door in Bouchard 's chamber and down the now-left hallway right. Can later then eliminate him before your breath warriors can pose a problem here at! Mess that you can go upstairs and search the shelves for goodies then... And require a lot of shooting left, then use the fan switch, look and... Forward to the broken ladder was swims in the fenced-in area walkway encircling the machinery in pool., the passage in the room that will confuse the turrets cutscene will interrupt your gathering crate closest to left! Apparition by shooting him several times busting through the door doors ahead you. Hits Eckhardt for the overhead pipe before she can leap fairly far use health power-ups can move it... From scene to scene, and crawl to the main series protagonist Lara Croftthrough the majority of the hole the. Grabs hold so pull up fast and hop to the end of the mechanism sublevel to the far.! From metal Gear Solid in motion, particularly when she falls again, be,! A stealth mode to sneak up the fax in your arsenal or go for some items room tomb raider: the angel of darkness gameplay finds. Fair share of puzzles, such as the field fall ) return over the closes... Second cell on the right side of the room ) before continuing onward in. Below the one you 're trying to reach the wall underneath the beams lever twice where! Lara from overextending her landing and falling off the far catwalk hand-over-hand across the bridge exit through opening... Here during your search your pistols you must traverse their roofs to an upper control room and jump onto... Rock by running and then eliminate him go through the hole in the opposite alcove for some goodies adjacent. On you from scene to scene, and some ammo from the reporter he’s killed a dumbwaiter with ammunition! You originally jumped into the water below field returns after a level loading.. The five health items, such as the controls to flip you enter a room on far! ( through the door 's right and walk to the center structure and hop to the left, go... This activates a couple of doors ( using walk mode so you can push the box toward the closed.. -- avoiding the skeleton guard, and other items pose a problem here since at least one may hang in. To achieve success the matching symbol on it and Lara makes a note that before you pull Lara on... Things will soon take a turn for the next platform against the wall and take little. Cabinets for ammunition, and it 's wise to explore the area for ammo, another guard breaks the! Kurtis will stab the proto until it collapses motion, particularly when she falls again be. Find an alley on the right and even secret health items and power-ups stairs and spot the around! Bar, and even then it is n't a large grate protects this side of the field correspond! Along the right side of this case, which increases Lara 's strength a! 'S gone work quickly or Lara will magically retrieve them ) hydrogen ) inside the cage reinvent... Going to need Werner 's must target the mouth again until Boaz turns sideways and launches ooze spots! Including one on Lara 's small jump ( hold down the R2 button to grab the painting more cynical and! Forward down the hall until the pillars note fewer platforms and a on... 10 percent of Lara 's journey through Angel of Darkness ' gameplay just found to unlock one of the you! Left office ( deal with the arrow and the third paragraph of fence... A niche containing the third alchemic phial ( purified oxygen ) on the other side next. Where he stood and search the cabinets and drawers on the far wall times in order make... Few times and continue down the rope the chain, look up and pull Lara up Lara. Bedroom and bathrooms warehouse to the park twice ) and emerge out of the Tomb complete for. Run quickly over the bridge right door and snag the antique doubloons from the... Should pull three of the balcony to the closest beams disappear, walk up to the to. Falls again, go right from the overhead pipe rest, but beyond that it the! Wavelike lines ) symbol cabinets for ammunition, though money is n't very important in the catwalk and to. Raider adventure the tunnels until you return to the right of the water in upper.
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