The cutting edge 49 is preferably serrated as shown. 2. Burgon & Ball Ultimate Asparagus Harvesting Cutter - Garden, Allotment, Tool | Garden & Patio, Garden Hand Tools & Equipment, Scythes & Sickles | eBay! '7. While I may provide a one-piece V-shaped blade either integral with or secured upon the end of the arm I0, I prefer to provide a blade made up of two pieces 50 and 5| each with a tapered end 52 to define one side of the V-shaped cutting edge 49, the two pieces being secured each by a single screw 53 onto a seat 54 provided therefor on the widened end portion 55 of the arm ID. Also works as a superbly effective weeding tool! The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a side-view of an asparagus-cutter made in accordance with my invention and illustrated as it appears in actual operation; Fig. Asparagus Tool. Have fun decorating this Asparagus Cookie Cutter, this cutter is very versatile and would work great for any event or party! The strips preferably have their front ends projecting Well beyond the holders and cut on a bias, so that a V-shaped entrance or inlet is provided between the strips for easy entrance of the standing stalk, the entrance portions being furthermore relatively more easily yieldable so as not to break off neighboringstalks that may be brushed against by these portions in the opera; tion of the cutter. Belt for asparagus cutters. Cutters will not have thin limb ,The slitting of the strips on the one pair of jaw mem: bers is preferably in staggered relationship to the slitting of the strips. 8. 213,468. 783,359, dated February 21, 1905. ' 5. 12. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Asparagus Peeler and Pick Up Tool Useful Gadget at the best online prices at eBay! Full screen. A salient feature of the asparagus cutter of my invention consists in the provision of elongated yieldable jaw members, between which the standing, stalk is first engaged before the V-shaped knife on the bottomof the device cuts. You just need to follow the steps provided above. A wide variety of asparagus cutting tools options are available to you, INVENTOR' ufzmea dfiom'den UNITED STATES Patented February 21, 1905. Simply push the blade towards the stalk to cut the asparagus at ground level without having to bend over to cut. The stalk about to be cut is first of the slots 2|. United States. Next image. front end portion of the strip projecting for-- Wardly appreciably from the support for greater yieldability of said front end portion. offers 439 asparagus cutting tools products. 2 is a similar view of another cutter vo modified or alternative construction; Fig. | Suppliers US2322926A US407885A US40788541A US2322926A US 2322926 A US2322926 A US 2322926A US 407885 A US407885 A US 407885A US 40788541 A US40788541 A US 40788541A US 2322926 A US2322926 A US 2322926A Authority US United States Prior art keywords jaw members strips stalks knife cutter Prior art date 1941-08-22 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a … 1; r r 3 Figs. The old method of cutting asparagus by hand with a knife is not only slow but extremely tedious work, because of the stooping involved. - Q: Can you send products to our Forwarder in China9 A: Yes,if you have Forwarder in China,we will glad to send products to him/her. 3 is a side view of the lower end portion of still another cutter of a further modified or alternative construction; 3, Fig. Log in. Translations in context of "asparagus cutter [tool" in English-German from Reverso Context: Free shipping for many products! FUK MING (FM) is one of the most well-known trading company in Hong Kong, also in China. 17. All. - 6. Found 2 sentences matching phrase "asparagus cutter".Found in 2 ms. 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 1 and 4. A device as set forth in claim 4, wherein the handle has the end thereof adjustable angularly with respect to said frame. - 5 and 6 are vertical cross-sections on the correspondingly numbered lines of Fig. A yieldable work-holding jaw for an asparagus cutter or the like, comprising a substantially rigid elongated support and a strip of flexible resilient sheet material mounted by one longitudinal edge portion on said support. The strips 35 in the jaw members l4 are slit vertically, as at 31, substantially at right angles to the free edges 38 at regularly spaced intervals. NEBcutter V2.0. In all of these constructions the rub ber strips for each pair of jaws are set in upwardly converging relationship, as shown in Fig. This permits replacement of the knife sections at low cost when they become worn. and I8, between which a generally U-shaped sheet metal bracket I9, that is suitably secured on the lower end of the handle 8, is entered and pivotally adjustably secured by means of two bolts 28 entered through registering vertical slots 2| provided in said side walls and through holes 22 provided in the side walls of the bracket IS. 7, thus facilitating the cutting of the stalks just below the surface of the ground, the stalks being guided into the V and cut off as the knife is thrust forward. 7 is aperspective view of the specially constructed knife and its supporting arm. ASPARAGUS-CUTTER. The strips 36 are slit vertically, as indicated at 39, at an oblique angle to the free edges 48, with the slits 39 staggered relative to but in substantially the same space relationship as the slits 31, as clearly indicated in Figs. Buy at on sale today! 3. Publication Date: 10/08/1929 . Fig. This inclination of the upper pair of jaw members l5 has a tendency to cause the cut stalks to be raised more and more as they are crowded more and more to the rear, thus assuring greater clearance with respect to the ground and avoiding rubbing the cut ends on the arm Iii, substantially as indicated in Fig. Despite this vertical alignment the operator will find it easy to use the knife II in cutting stalks that have gone to seed, there being sufiicient spacing of the knife I I with respect to the lower pair of jaw members i4 so that the operator can direct the knife toward the stalk with the jaw members I4 and 15 held out of the way of the stalk. This video is unavailable. 1, 20. The rubber strips are slit at longitudinally spaced points downwardly from the upper edges, so as to define independently yieldable jaw sections and permit the secure holding of stalks of smaller sectionnext to stalks of larger section. A device of the class described, comprising an elongated handle, yieldable jaws mounted on one end thereof opening forwardly relative to the handle, and a knife mounted on the same endof the handle with the jaws below the latter so that it is adapted for cutting through an object after the same has been engaged between the jaws, said jaws extending substantially horizontally with their front ends in a predetermined forwardly spaced relation to the cutting edge of the knife, the knife being inclined forwardly and downwardly relative to the jaws and terminating in a cutting edge. 4 to '7, the frame 5 is of inverted generally U-shaped sheet metal construction so as to provide opposed side walls I! English asparagus cutter, in good condition. Watch Queue Queue. Our Asparagus Knife is the perfect tool for harvesting your asparagus bed. This tool will take a DNA sequence and find the large, non-overlapping open reading frames using the E.coli genetic code and the sites for all Type II and commercially available Type III restriction enzymes that cut the sequence just once. | Application August 22, 1941, Serial N0. The spacing of the knife below the jaw members permits the cutting of stalks that have gone to seed, without taking hold of these stalks between the jaw members, the cutter being merely turned slightly on a hori zontal axis to permit. 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